• Safety belts against falling when working on high.
  • Material: 44mm polyester cord.
  • Standard: EN361: 2002


ANSELL MICROGARD LIMITED was one of the world’s first manufacturers of limited life chemical protective clothing. Established in 1975, the company has built its reputation on introducing new technology and designs to the market to improve wearer protection and comfort. Today, millions of MICROGARD® and MICROCHEM® products are worn around the globe, protecting people throughout industry and the public sector.


New Millennium Quality complies with environment-conscious requirements with both little overspray and high transfer efficiency low pressure spray guns and new general purpose spray guns.



Every industry is now trying to protect [the invaluable earth] on a worldwide scale. Anest Iwata, industrial manufacturer, is responsible for developing state of the art technology which is friendly to both humans and environment. Especially, restriction of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and reduction of industrial waste have become imminent. Under this background, we have developed spray guns with performance that will satisfy painters around the world and painters who are eco-conscious. “LPH series” has high transfer efficiency with little overspray mists, and latest conventional spray guns “W series” has higher atomization with less overspray mists than previous models by reducing atomizing air pressure (at gun handle).  


Akzonoble associated Anest Iwata to choose the most efficiency spray gun for Body Workshop as introduction below:

Saviintech is the authorized Distributor of Anest Iwata in Vietnam, to know more about Anest Iwata spray gun please visit website https://www.anest-iwata.co.jp
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Rinse the Handy cloth before the first use by detergent to dissolve the moist chemical on the cloth and squeeze out all the excess water.
To meet the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) requirements, please use the cloth for one application only.
After usage it can be washed by most customary detergents (by hand), in the washing machine or dishwasher (up to 200oF/95oC) and use it again. Do not use detergent with acids or oxidizing agents (e.g. bleach).
The used cloth may be disposed of with the household trash.



  • Apply for all car colors.